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      湖北漢科新技術股份有限公司,歡迎您! 今天是:咨詢電話:0716-4162125


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         Hubei Hanc New-Technology Co., Ltd .was founded in 1997. Since the very beginning, it has stuck to revitalizing the enterprise through science and technology. By carrying out the management strategy evelopment in groups, technology in the lead, capital in management, internationalization in market,now it has grown into a high technology enterprise with gross annual output value of RMB 100,000,000 Yuan, an area of 80,000 square meters, and almost 400 employees. In the year of 2002 the corporation was conferred the title top 500 industrial enterprises of comprehensive strength in Hubei province.
         During the construction and development of the enterprise, the corporation has been carrying on the principle of high morality, creativity, high quality, affinity and win-win? and managed to create a larger space for employee development. And now the enterprise has a number of research and management specialists with high academic degrees and technical skills and they united around the president, Professor Xiang Xingjin, among whom 90% are at or above the junior college level, and more than 50 people belong to high or intermediate research or administrative staff.
         In recent years, the research center has undertaken nearly 100 scientific research projects which are from national ?63 plan? provincial and ministerial levels, among which 9 projects have won provincial, ministerial or national prize, and 15 have been patented. For example, polyglycol well-drilling liquid complex has won the 2nd sci-tech progress prize from China National offshore Oil Corporation and has been listed in the key sci-tech promotion programs of Hubei province and China sci-tech ministerial ninth five-year plan; the project of lubricant for polyglycol water-base-collapse-proof has been chosen as a national torch plan project and the financial aid object of the technologic innovation fund for middle and small enterprises by sci-tech ministry; and the whole set of additives for oil-base well-drilling liquid has been listed in the projects of 2003 promotion plan for national new products.
         The company has had nearly 100 kinds of products, developed from the technology of well-drilling fluid and well completion fluid and with its own intellectual property rights, which are used in all technological fields of petroleum chemistry. Moreover, as well as constantly make breakthroughs in scientific researches, Hanc has turned high-tech into practical productive force. For example, polyglycol drilling fluid and synthetic-base drilling fluid, horizontal well drilling fluid, oil-base drilling fluid and completion fluid have all been widely used in the oil production. 
         The corporation has always been carrying on the management principle people first, consumers first? and new science and technology is the source of development, high quality is the root of existence? The corporation also has set up a perfect quality-guaranteeing system inside and acquired the quality-system authentication of ISO9001 in the year of 2000, so that the qualities of our products can be controlled strictly according to the international standards.
         Depending on its high quality products and perfect professional service. Hanc products have gained a large proportion in market share in the Branches of Tianjin, Zhanjiang, Shanghai, Shenzhen under China National Offshore Oil Corporation; Branches of Liaohe, Daqing, Dagang, Tuha, Talimu, Kelamayi, Changqing, Qinghai under China National Petroleum Corporation and Zhongyuan, Shengli, Jianghan oilfields under China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation. Also, Hanc work was given highly appraisal by oil workers in Mexico, Venezuela, Azerbaijan as well as the praises from international oil corporations, like Philips and Apache. The company appears considerable market potential.
         Hanc has been perfecting its management regulations and participating in the capital market. Meanwhile, Hanc sticks to the policy of pluralistic development, setting up six branches, such as Kalamay Hanc Technology Service Limited Responsible Company, Beijing Hanc Jinshi Science-technology Co.,Ltd., Hanc Wulingfeng Ecological Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Xuan'en County, Xinjiang China Petroleum Huarun Chemical Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Hanc Huatai Co.,Limited, Jingzhou City Hanc Apartments Property Management Co., Ltd. and Hanc has developed into a group Corp., and it has incorporated new high-tech development, production, sales, technical services and oil field-used fine chemical products, it has also set foot in ecological agricultural specialties and rear service for colleges and universities.
         Through self-reliant innovation and open to operation, Hanc will continue to establish its special core technique, train technical personnel, supply our customers with satisfied services, and work hard to build a internationalized, modernized, and production-service integrated huge group enterprise in order to push on the industry and bring about a prosperous economy.



      傳真:0716-8312447 郵箱:hanc@hanc.com.cn



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