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      Full oil based drilling fluid system

      Drilling fluid system name

      Full oil based drilling fluid system

      Matching core finishing agent

      High efficient organic soil HMC-4    Tackifier AOVIS-7    Filtrate reducer AOFLC    Wetting agent AOWET    Emulsifier MOEMUL    Stabilizer AOEST

      System characteristics

      1、It has the advantages of water-in-oil emulsified drilling fluid;

      2、The density is adjustable: 0.85~2.0g/cm3.

      3、There is no water or it has very little water (<5%);

      4、The amount of emulsifier is low;

      5、The low plastic viscosity of the drilling fluid is beneficial to increase the rate of penetration of the machine;

      6、There is no need to consider the balance problem between the drilling fluid and the formation;

      7、The range of application: Underbalanced drilling, formation with large difference in water phase activity, soft mudstone, hard brittle shale and other collapse-prone formation, water-sensitive formation with high montmorillonite content, formation that not suitable for the use of water-based drilling fluid, low-pressure formation with energy depletion and deep-sea drilling.

      Application situation

      It was successfully applied in two low-pressure low-porosity reservoirs in the horizontal well of the TZ11 block in the Tarim Basin (The maximum well depth reach 5023m) from 2013 to 2014, while the highest daily oil production of the test oil test was 100.6m3, which has showed good performance and easy maintenance, also It meets the requirements for the development of pressure-controlled drilling technology for the Silurian reservoir development in the TZ11 block.



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