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      Oil-based drilling fluid system

      Drilling fluid system name

      Oil-based drilling fluid system

      Matching core finishing agent

      Main emulsifier MOEMUL    Auxiliary emulsifier MOCOAT    Wetting agent MOWET    Asphalt type filtrate reducer MOTEX    Resin filtrate reducer MOFLB    Plugging agent MORLF    Cutting agent MOHSV-4    Thinner MOTHINER    High temperature rheological stabilizer MOHST

      System characteristics

      1、The wide range of application: different base liquids (gas-to-oil, white oil and diesel oil), different weighting materials and different oil-to-water ratio.

      2、The dosage of treatment agent is low: the total amount of emulsifier and wetting agent is 3~6%.

      3、The oil / water ratio is low (the oil / water ratio can be reduced to 70: 30).

      4、It has complete range of fluid loss additives (oil-based drilling fluid loss-reducing agents for asphalt, natural modified resins and synthetic resins).

      5、It has developed matching flow modifiers (crushing agents and thinners), which has made the rheology of drilling fluids easy to regulate.

      6、The range of application: The preferred drilling fluid for high temperature deep wells, high deviation directional wells, horizontal wells and various complex formations, while it can be widely used as debugging fluid, perforating completion fluid, workover fluid and coring fluid.

      Application situation

      The oil-based drilling fluids with domestic additives have been used to replace foreign oil-based drilling fluids for the first time in 2001, while two high temperature and high pressure wells (Baodao 19-2-2 and Lingshui 4-2-1) have been successfully drilled in the South China Sea. The oil base drilling fluids began to be widely used in Bohai and Nanhai oil fields in 2003.



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