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      Oil-in-water drilling fluid system

      Drilling fluid system name

      Oil-in-water drilling fluid system

      Matching core finishing agent

      Tackifier HVF-H    Main emulsifier HWZR    Auxiliary emulsifier HWFR    Flow regulator HVS-H    Filtrate reducer HWFL-H

      System characteristics

      1、It has good fluidity, small fluid loss and stable wall strength, also it has good lubrication,which can reduce torque and resistance;

      2、The temperature resistance reached 240 °C;

      3、It can meet the preparation requirements of different external phases (sea water, fresh water) and different internal phases (white oil, gas oil);

      4、The water-oil ratio can be adjusted from 9:1 to 3:7, while the density can be as low as 0.87g/cm3;

      5、It does not affect electrical logging and nuclear magnetic logging.

      6、Compared with foam and aerated drilling fluid systems, the process of which does not require complex equipment;

      7、Compared with the oil-base, the cost is low, the damage to the rubber parts is small and the environmental pollution is small.

      8、It has low density, which has minimal damage to the reservoir and it is conducive to liberating the reservoir to increase production capacity;

      9、The on-site operation is simple, which is easy to maintain and reusable, while the recycled old slurry is easy to handle;

      10、The range of application: Buried hill reservoirs, pressure depleted formations, underbalanced pressure controlled drilling, high deviation and horizontal well drilling, high temperature deep wells, soft and hard brittle shale and other easily collapsed formations.

      Application situation

      It was first successfully used in pressure control drilling of Well N8 and Well S3 in BZ28-1 oilfield in Bohai Sea area in 2006, while the water-in-oil drilling fluid system was widely used in pressure control drilling of buried hill reservoir in Bohai oilfield in 2009, and it has achieved good reservoir protection effect.



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