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      Reverse osmosis drilling fluid system

      Drilling fluid system name

      Reverse osmosis drilling fluid system

      Matching core finishing agent

      Micelle plugging agent HSM    Nano micro wall fixing agent HGW    Bonding agent HBA    Lubricant LUBE168    High temperature tackifier HTV-8

      System characteristics

      1、It has high temperature resistance and the temperature resistance can reach 200 °C.

      2、Through nano-micron plugging and activity control technology, which can realize the formation free water reverse permeability to drilling fluid and the liquid invasion is reduced.

      3、It has good lubricity, which is close to oil base level;

      4、Through the temperature-sensitive association polymer tackifier, which can adjust the high-temperature rheological properties, while the problems of high-temperature suspension and rock-carrying can be effectively solved;

      5、The interfacial tension of filtrate is low, which can reduce capillary force, while it is favorable for the return of the reservoir production;

      6、It can effectively reduce pressure transmission and free water intrusion, so that it can  ensure wellbore stability;

      7、It is suitable for all kinds of complex wells, high temperature deep wells, low porosity and permeability reservoirs, and large deviated wells with large deviated wells.

      Application situation

      The reverse osmosis drilling fluid technology has been successfully applied in East China Sea, Jidong oilfield and Xinjiang oilfield, which has solved the problems of wellbore stability, electrical logging resistance, increasing drilling rate and reservoir protection in medium and low permeability reservoirs, while it can significantly reduce the field complications , improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the comprehensive operating costs.



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