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      New environmental protection drilling fluid system

      Drilling fluid system name

      New environmental protection drilling fluid system

      Matching core finishing agent

      Environmental protection plugging agent HBJ-3    Inclusion agent HMP    Filtrate reducer HFL-2   Filtrate reducer HFL-H    Warm compaction film forming agent HCM    Lubricant HLB    Inhibitor HAS

      System characteristics

      1、With the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, the environmental protection requirements of drilling fluids in oilfields are increasing, which needs to remove the sulfonated materials and gradually use environmental protection mud to reduce environmental pollution.

      2、The system is mainly composed of non-toxic and biodegradable natural modified materials, the materials and mud of which are tested to be free of heavy metals, good biodegradability, low petroleum content, while it has better environmental protection characteristics.

      3、The field application of cluster environmental protection drilling fluid can control the pollution to the ecological environment in the process of petroleum exploration and development, which can reduce the environmental disputes and economic losses that caused by the follow-up operations, while it can promote the sustainable development of petroleum drilling. Even though it has broad promotion and application prospects in petroleum exploration and development and subsequent waste disposal.

      Application situation

      The environmentally-friendly bunching drilling fluid system has carried out field tests on more than ten wells of Fengnan 4 area, Fengnan 5 area and Shinan 14 area in Xinjiang oilfield. The application results showed that the system has the advantages of simple preparation, good rheological property, stable wellbore, regular borehole diameter, smooth drilling process, light color, non-toxic and easy degradation of mud. Also it has showed good environmental protection performance.



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