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      Low free water drilling fluid system

      Drilling fluid system name

      Low free water drilling fluid system

      Matching core finishing agent

      Free water complex agent HXY    Auxiliary complexing agent HXF    Micelle plugging agent HSM     Nano micro wall fixing agent HGW    Warm compaction film forming agent HCM    Deep inhibitor HPI    High temperature protective agent HFL-T    Non fluorescent lubricant HLB    Filtrate reducer HDR

      System characteristics

      1、The content of free water was lower (within 40%), while avoids and reduce the intrusion of free water into the formation;

      2、The driving force of water intrusion into the formation is reduced;

      3、The rate and total amount of drilling fluid filtrate invasion into the formation is reduced;

      4、The pressure transfer effect of the drilling fluid on the formation is reduced;

      5、It has high temperature stability and adjustable density;

      6、It has excellent reservoir protection effect (Especially the low porosity and low permeability).

      Application situation

      From 2009 to now, the low free water drilling fluid system has been used in more than 200 wells in the East China Sea and Bohai Sea of CNOOC. There are 62 wells in the oilfields for on-site technical service construction, which includes 58 wells in Jidong oilfield, one well in Guangxi Baise oilfield and one well in Northwest Xinjiang Bureau. While the maximum working depth is 6147m, the maximum deviation is 90 degrees and the maximum well bottom displacement is 3038m.



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