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      Polyamine drilling fluid system

      Drilling fluid system name

      Polyamine drilling fluid system

      Matching core finishing agent

      Polyamine inhibitor HPA    Organic positive glue JHM-YJ    Non fluorescent lubricant HLB

      System characteristics

      1、It has good inhibition effect, which can effectively prevent and reduce shrinkage or collapse that caused by active shale.

      2、Avoiding the hardening of the active soft shale formation that caused by the inhibition of inorganic salts, while reduces the resistance of the downhole.

      3、The rheology of the site is easy to control and maintain.

      4、It has strong ability to resist salt attack.

      5、It can improve the pressure bearing capacity of the mud cake and reduce the density that required for the drilling fluid to maintain the stability of the well wall.

      6、It has good reservoir protection effect.

      Application situation

      Nearly 100 production wells and exploration wells in Minghuazhen Formation and Guantao Formation of BZ34-1 Oilfield of CNOOC Bohai Branch have been used extensively, which in order to satisfy the requirements of solving the complex problems such as blockage during the drilling of active soft mud shale and difficulty in reverse slitting, while it has improved the field maneuverability of drilling fluid system, so that the drilling fluid density has been further reduced when compared with the previous drilling fluid system, and the drilling efficiency has increased by 43%.



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