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      Amino silanol alcohol drilling fluid system

      Drilling fluid system name

      Amino silanol alcohol drilling fluid system

      Matching core finishing agent

      Amino silyl alcohol HAS

      System characteristics

      1、It is soft restraining formation, which can effectively prevent and reduce shrinkage or collapse that caused by active shale.

      2、Avoiding the hardening of the active soft shale formation that caused by the inhibition of inorganic salts, while reduces the resistance of the down hole.

      3、It can significantly improve the dynamic and static sand carrying capacity of the drilling fluid system.

      4、It has strong anti fouling ability to Na+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ plasmas.

      5、It can improve the pressure bearing capacity of the mud cake and reduce the density that required for the drilling fluid to maintain the stability of the well wall.

      6、It has good reservoir protection effect.

      7、It is suitable for the easy-collapsed strata of soft and hard brittle mud shale, water-sensitive stratum with high montmorillonite content and water-sensitive scattered sand reservoir.

      Application situation

      It has been applied in large-scale field in Bohai oilfield, which obviously improves the average mechanical drilling speed, enhances the carrying effect of drilling fluid, shortens the time of upside-down drilling, and reduces the difficulty of drilling down the eye.



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