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      Acidic gel breaking system for horizontal wells

      Drilling fluid system name

      Acidic gel breaking system for horizontal wells

      Matching core finishing agent

      Clay stabilizer HCS    Acid breaking agent HGB    Corrosion inhibitor HCI    Water proof lock agent HAR / drag reducer HUL

      System characteristics

      1、It can relieve the blockage that caused by water-soluble macromolecules in the mud cake near the shaft lining;

      2、It can effectively remove the damage that caused by acid soluble heavy weighting materials in the mud cake near the well wall;

      3、It has good compatibility with formation fluids and pre operation fluids;

      4、The gas-liquid surface tension of the breaker system with the addition of the waterproof lock agent HAR is ≤20mN/m, which can better prevent the water lock damage of the low permeability reservoir;

      5、The oil-liquid interfacial tension of the breaker system with the addition of drag reducing agent HUL is<1.0mN/m, which can better reduce the flow resistance of heavy oil and improve the seepage characteristics of heavy oil;

      6、The reservoir protection effect is good.

      Application situation

      Five wells such as PL-24H, FK-11H, FM-31H, Assel-15H and FN-26H in the 3/7 district of Sudan, as well as Jidong oilfield and Xinjiang oilfield have achieved good application results.



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