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      Low density completion fluid / workover fluid system

      Drilling fluid system name

      Low density completion fluid / workover fluid system

      Matching core finishing agent

      Main Emulsifier HWZR    Auxiliary Emulsifier HWFR    Tackifier HVF    Temperature stabilizer HVS     Fluid loss reducer HWFL-H

      System characteristics

      1、The density is adjustable and the stability is good, while it has good temperature resistance;

      2、It has good compatibility with seawater and crude oil and its reservoir protection performance is good;

      3、The corrosion is small;

      4、The biological toxicity is small;

      5、The operation safety is high and the intrusion of crude oil has little influence on the flash point of the oil-in-water drilling fluid system.

      Application situation

      It has been achieved integrated application of drilling and completion fluids in well N8 and S3 well in BZ28-1 oilfield, Qianshan oil and gas field.

      The application results show that the system exhibits strong stability,good rheology, lubricity, inhibition, water loss and wall-forming and sand-carrying capacity, which meet the requirements of pressure controlled drilling and horizontal well completion in buried hill formation under near equilibrium.

      It has been integrated into more than 10 wells in JZ25-1S oilfield, which has achieved good results in multiple high-yield wells.



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